Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sewing to Serve

Hello and welcome to Sewing to Serve! This is a place to share sewing to serve projects, groups, and activities. I'll share what you and I are doing to serve others with our sewing talents.

In September 2014, my sisters and Mom got together for a week for our second fall sewing retreat. There are five of us in four states (Louisiana, Texas, Georgia and Arkansas), so it's a blessing we could sync our schedules to meet at my Mom's house for the retreat. You can read about it here

I challenged everyone to participate in the Tie One On Day for a sewing to serve project. Do you know about Tie One On Day? In summary, you make (or purchase) an apron; wrap a baked item in the apron and give it to someone the day before Thanksgiving. You can learn more information about it here.

On our shop hop day during the retreat, we purchased fabric for the aprons and reserved one day to make them. We made the reversible Church Ladies' Apron by Mary Mulari. I love this apron pattern! We had fun picking out the fabrics and all of us sewing them as a group.

This is one side:

This is the other side:

From left to right is my sister Rhunell, me, my sister DeAnna, my Mom, and my sister Simone.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to hearing about your sewing to serve projects! I am humbled to glorify God by using my sewing talents to serve. This is not about the attention being on me to say 'look at what I did' .. my prayer and purpose of the blog is that we will inspire each other to serve and to serve more often.

I wish you many blessings in 2015!



  1. This was an awesome project for us to do and made us all feel good about sewing something for someone else. An easy and fun project!

  2. We had a fun time sewing this project as a group effort. It was a very nice apron and easy to sew. Anyone can make a simple project similar to this and contribute to the "Sewing to Serve" effort in their local community. Great idea!