Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Prayer Quilt for a Super Hero

Hello and thanks for stopping by Sewing to Serve! This is a place to share sewing to serve projects, groups, and activities. I'll share what you and I are making to serve others with our sewing talents.

I was honored to present a prayer quilt to a super hero! What is a prayer quilt? It's a tangible way to cover someone in prayers. There are threads stitched into the quilt and left untied. You can make the quilt a tied quilt, but I like to machine quilt mine. The quilt is presented to the congregation and information about the recipient is given as to their prayer needs. After the church service the quilt is placed in an area large enough for people to get to all four sides. Each person says a silent prayer and ties a knot in the untied threads. Knots can be tied on top of knots (prayers on top of prayers). The recipient will then be covered in prayers and they know each knot represents a prayer for them. The prayers are not just from the church family. After the quilt is given to the recipent the family, care givers, and friends can tie prayers into the quilt. The quilt can be taken to the recipients church for prayers to be tied.

The superhero is a young man that lives down the street from me. He was diagnosed with an illness when he was 3 years old, he is now 10. His mother friended me on Facebook about a year ago because of mutual friends and that's actually how I met them. After reading the trials with his illness God put in my head to make him a prayer quilt. If possible, I like to make it at least a color the recipient will like. I briefly pondered what to make for this young man before realizing it was starring me in the face on Facebook.

The young man's Mom has this superman 'G' logo for his profile picture. Did you know there is a superman logo font for every letter in the alphabet? I didn't realize that nor had I thought about it! After searching the web, I saw a lot of pixelated images and decided to pixelate a superman 'G' logo quilt.

I went to work with graph paper and colored pencils. My youngest son, J2, helped tweak the final design.

Then I went to work cutting out squares:

and sewed them into strips

and added the turquoise

and sewed the strips together

and here is the quilt without the threads stitched in for tying prayers. I added red #5 Pearl Cotton in the red areas and yellow #5 Pearl Cotton in the yellow areas.

It was an honor and pleasure to make this quilt and present it to the young man.

Thank you for stopping by! I look forward to hearing about your sew to serve projects.



  1. Great story! I'm sure it was a blessing for them to receive this very special quilt. You did an awesome job!

  2. What a Super idea! Both ideas - first, for Gavin's family to create the super hero theme and logo; second, for your idea to create a prayer quilt using that logo. What a cherished gift it will become for Gavin and his family. Great job! Blessings all around!