Sunday, July 26, 2015

Wonky Cross Prayer Quilt

Hello! I made a Wonky Cross quilt to be used as a prayer quilt. You can read about how I made it at my Sew Much and More page.

The teenage daughter of a gentlemen that I work with, was in a very serious car accident in December 2014. When she became more stable from being in critical condition for many weeks, the gentleman, the Dad, came into the office for a short period and I was able to ask if I could give her a prayer quilt and of course he said yes.

When completed, I took it to the office for co-workers to tie prayers into the quilt. It had it's own cubicle. An email was sent out and forwarded to co-workers.

The response was awesome! We left it at work for 3 or 4 days in order for co-workers to come and go as they please to say a silent prayer and tie a knot in the thread, so the sweet young lady could be covered in prayers.

It saddens me to say she could not be healed, but that she was healed when she took Jesus' hand earlier in July. I pray that when her parents and brother cover themselves with her quilt, they will find peace and comfort from the prayers tied into it.

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  1. Very sad for the family but I'm sure the quilt will now bring them comfort.